Enthusiastic Reviews


Sheila Grabarsky of Waretown, New Jersey has a rich painterly signature style which is elaborated in her work “Orange Segment” done in acrylic. The predominant orange area sets the platform, hosting a rich interplay of smaller shapes and color in a celebratory manner. In “We Need Bees” this elaborate shaping and marking is fully orchestrated with an awesome visual sound with cymbals. – Laurence Bradshaw, curator, Professor Emeritus of Art and Art History

Exerpted from article by Janet Purcell of the Trenton Times, The Douglas H. Palmer Award for Excellence for Best in Show Overall was conferred on Shelia Grabarsky for her acrylic on canvas abstract, “Orange Segment.”  This daring, highly textured white background painting supports orange shapes accented in black and shot with blue and red.  Stand back and enjoy the energy it exudes.

Stephen Quiller, artist and author of 7 books on watermedia about Orange Segment (awarded in 7th online international exhibition at ISAP-International, April, 2016): “This is a predominantly high key painting with a strong, rhythmic geometric motif. A painterly use of the acrylic medium.”

“Perspective is completely obscured in Sheila Grabarsky’s Meadow Romp; as feminine colors weave floral forms in and out, we wonder; is this what is left after a frisky time? …. Sheila Grabarsky’s paintings are … abstracted, but in a manner perhaps more recognizable as feminine, with brushes of pinks and purples, resembling flowers and meadows. Still, in “Some Birds Don’t Fly,”’ and “Meadow Romp,” viewers can seek out figures and even narratives with her expressive brushstrokes, and the curious addition of a yarn in the form of a comic text box.” – Sally Deskins, founder of Les Femmes Folles Anthology of Women Artists

“Bursting with color and bold forms, Sheila Grabarsky’s abstract paintings virtually swirl and dance on the canvas.” – Carolyn Edlund. ArtsyShark.com founder

“Grabarsky is known for her bold and expressive gestural abstract paintings. A juxtaposition of contrasting colors, loose brushwork and spontaneity characterize her work….Grabarsky’s prolific work is supported by her energetic and enthusiastic nature. The desire to express herself influences and inspires her painting.” – Mary Cantone, William Ris Gallery, Gallery Director

Writes author Cat Dixon (catdix.com): “…Les Femmes Folles…delivers powerful poetry and inspiring art from some of the finest women producing creative work. …every page vibrates with intensity and vulnerability. Make no mistake: these women are proud, strong and fierce…. When these different artists are combined in one collection, the result is passionate and memorable.”

“Robust color juxtapositions, confident and spontaneous brushwork, and symphonic compositions characterize her works of art.  Although we may occasionally catch a glimpse of a recognizable form from nature, Grabarsky’s paintings are primarily nonobjective expressions that originate from deeply below the surface… Grabarsky’s dazzling panoply of expansive chromatic and tonal scales are playful and compelling.  Her sumptuous tactile surfaces provide a beautiful terrain for  visual exploration.” – Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts International

“Her artwork is made very confidently and with a great feel for strong colours and its nuances, and balanced composition. She has  her  own unique way of abstract expression; her paintings are very energetic and joyful.” – Nadia Ross, juror/artist

“Sheila Grabarsky, of Waretown, NJ has strong color tonality and painterly effects in her acrylic painting Fantasy Garden 13. With the ambitious development of the flower-like areas she achieves an outstanding voluptuous artwork.
- Laurence Bradshaw, curator, Professor Emeritus of Art and Art History, University of

“Sheila’s paintings may call to mind flowers or interior scenes. Their swirling organic forms embrace
 the viewer in a world of movement.” – James Kent, gallerist/artist

“…. there are, by the manner of energetic and spontaneous workmanship, layers upon layers of interaction of color and form. The motion of energy reveals the nature of these individual layers; as one alights, the rest follow. These works are as a flock of birds, as one form or group of forms seem to guide the direction of the surface. The trail of following forms seems infinite.”
- Marjorie Kaye, Director / Caladan Gallery